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Following my Medic training in the army I went on to enroll in a civilian hospital to gain extended clinical skills. I qualified as an Operating Theatre Technician in 1989 and immediately set off to work and explore the Indian Sub Continent. During my internship I was fortunate to have a Professor of Anesthesia as a mentor; with his letter of introduction and a list of hospitals I spent nearly a year traveling around the continent educating staff and helping where I could. In the hospital I used my clinical skills, but during my time out of the hospital I helped teach basic health care and hygiene to the people I met. Since then I have gathered a wealth of skills and knowledge in wilderness medical treatments and have developed a system of educating under resourced communities in health related subjects, see my First Aid in Pictures page here.

In my experience the making or breaking of any trip is down to the planning and preparation phase. As pilgrims we are often called upon to venture into environments that are different from the organized, first world one that we are used to. First Aid and potable water preparation are vital elements to any adventure, and often cause the failure or many trip with the worst case scenario of serious injury or death of a team member.

I have constructed the following pages for fellow pilgrims to view and offer advice on the type of preparation that may be required, please feel free to browse the links below or contact me for any further questions.

Why do I need to prepare for my trip?

Missionary Protection (Anti Malaria)Missionary_Protection.html

‘We are the Pilgrims, master, we shall go always a little further:

It may be beyond that last blue mountain barred with snow,

Across that angry or that glimmering sea.

White on a throne or guarded in a cave

There lives a prophet who can understand

Why men are born: but surely we are brave

Who take the golden road to Samarkand.’

Missionary Health (First Aid)Missionary_Health.html